The Chirp: A Podcast By Pigeon

Story 22: Remember To Struggle

July 21, 2022

Progress is something we all look to continually achieve in life. From getting better at a sport to learning a brand new skill, every day we are constantly trying to be better people and do grander things in our lives to make it worth living. Making progress in anything isn't easy, oftentimes it takes resilience, a little ingenuity, and ultimately the drive to overcome many struggles. Our guest this week, Ngalinda Ngalinda is no stranger to overcoming the struggles it takes in order to be successful. A Dubai-based businessman, Ngalinda walks us through the lessons he's learned in life from his early years in Africa, his coming of age time in Ireland, and his time in academia honing his skills in the world of computer science and sales. Struggling is a natural part of life, so listen closely as Ngalinda reminds us that overcoming struggle is only the path forward to truly reaching success.

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